My mouthguard is fresh
emeals Mini BBQ Cheesy cups
DadGear Messenger Style Diaper Bag
Shore Thing Mega Tote

Almost like brushing our dogs teeth – Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews VISA Prize pkg Giveaway

Milk Bone Giveaway

The worst thing in the world is getting a huge 'kiss' from your favorite pooch and smell nothing but 'doggie breath!' The truth is that dogs teeth can get tartar build-up and have some pretty stinky breath. This is why it is important to take care of your pooches teeth and though I try, but I do admit that I am not one who wants to try to brush those bad boys. HA! This is why I love, love, love the Milk-Bone® Brushing ChewsTM. They were developed … [Read more...]

Are your dental devices fresh & clean? #FreshGuard is perfect for mouthguards, braces, and dentures

My mouthguard is fresh

A couple of years ago I started waking up in the middle of the night with jaw pain and a headache. After a few nights I realized that I was clenching my jaw shut, I thought it was odd, but that was it. Then I went to the Dentist who said I was grinding my teeth while I slept and that by doing so I was hurting my teeth. This is when I was introduced to my mouthguard. It is a a plastic piece that fits over my top teeth perfectly and protect all my … [Read more...]

New Winners Announced 4/17


Winners announced in the following Giveaways - click the links below  and check the entry forms... CLICK HERE to see if you won the Pretzel Crisps Prize Package (Announced 4/17) CLICK HERE to see if you won the costume from (Announced 4/16) CLICK HERE to see if you won the G/C for boy shoes from Florsheim Shoes (Announced 4/13) CLICK HERE to see if you won the Marukan Vinegar Prize Package (Announced … [Read more...]

Giveaway! Fight Stress Sweat w/ Secret & Walmart Gift Card

Secret Clinical Strength Walmart Giveaway

I have become the person I never thought I would; a total Soccer-Mom. I am 'that' Mom who goes to every practice, screams from the side-lines, and even paces when things get close. This may have to do with the fact that Hubby is the Coach and Little Man is the forward, but whatever the reasons are I am an all out Soccer-Mom. The thing that comes along with this title is stress sweat. You know how it goes, it is 80 degrees with the sun shining on … [Read more...]

Giveaway! Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card


Giveaway ! Win a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card for the Week of April 15th-21st - Amazon Blast is for Facebook Follows.. woo hoo! If you don't have an Facebook account you can sign up for one for free or wait until next week to enter a different blast! Makobi Scribe and Sason and Pobi are bringing you this Amazon Facebook blast. The winner will receive an Amazon gift card for $100. The giveaway is open to Everyone :) Good Luck! If you are a … [Read more...]

Graham Cracker Strawberry Shortcake Cups Recipe

Graham Cracker Strawberry Shortcake Cups

I love putting snacks and desserts into plastic cups. Not only is it decorative, but you can make a number of 'cups' at one time and then the kids can easily grab them for after-school snacks or after dinner. I came up with the idea for Graham Cracker Strawberry Shortcake Cups because I received a coupon to purchase a loaf of Sara Lee dessert. I found the new Sara Lee Angel Food Cake in the freezer section of my grocer and came home to … [Read more...]

3 easy steps to create the perfect packed lunch! #fuelyourimagination

Tips for the perfect packed lunch

At the beginning of the year I thought I was great at packing school lunches for Little Man until I noticed day after day he was coming home with a full lunch box. Finally I decided to join him for lunch one day. I sat across from him and watched as he talked, laughed, giggled, played, and just had a great time with friends.  What he was NOT doing was taking his sandwich out of the bag, nor was he opening the bag of chips, or even yogurt; he was … [Read more...]

Join us for a Pay It Forward Twitter Day Party – with prizes!!! #PayitFwdDay


Have you ever heard of 'Pay it Forward?' To Pay it Forward means to perform any act of kindness without asking for or expecting anything in return, only that the person do something nice for someone else. It’s a simple, yet powerful concept that can change the lives of those around us, make us healthier and happier, and even make the world a better place for future generations. This is my Pay it Forward story: The other day I was having a … [Read more...]

$50 Amazon G/C Giveaway & learn the best way to search for fun, apps, & websites for kids

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

About two years ago Hubby had the bright idea to try to find some fun learning games online for Little Man. Since I more tech-savvy, I took over the search. I did a basic Google search and found tons of sites that either took me to an error page, a page filled with nothing but ads, and even worse, pay-to-play sites. Come on, all we wanted was a one-spot-site to list games, apps, or safe websites for our kids. Well, fast-forward to today where I … [Read more...]

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