Five ways to celebrate grandparents
Six ways to make musical memories with your kids
It is never too early to start thinking about Summer camp #CreateTheNext
Skip the canned aisle & go for Blount Organic Soups #savorsimplicity

Amazon Gift Card Follow Page #4

Twitter follows for the $300 Amazon Gift Card giveaway! Here are the twitter follows #4, once you are finished go back to the giveaway by CLICKING HERE! Deliciously Savvy Here We Go Again Ready Sales-aholic Eclectic Evelyn Sand Sun & Messy Buns Burning Moon's Inside Advice Ottawa Mommy Club By Trish Sutton Life, Naturally Deliciously Savvy … [Read more...]

$300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

So, I know that I haven't been hosting as many giveaways as in the past, so to make it up to you, I have joined a group of bloggers to offer you this amazing Amazon giveaway. If you are anything like me, then you have already started saving up for or even started your holiday shopping so I am sure that a $300 Amazon giveaway could help - here are the details -  Prize: $300 Amazon Gift Card Co-hosts: Jenns Blah Blah Blog // Pretty … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Chicken Month with Cheddar’s “Scratch Facts” – tips and tricks for cooking chicken & a Cheddar’s Gift Card Giveaway

Happy National Chicken Month! This is Little Man's month as he is the biggest chicken-eater anywhere. From the time he was a toddler he has just had this love for chicken, which is why we were excited to partner with Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen to celebrate.  Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is our go-to for a nice family dinner because it is almost like eating at home, without the cooking, serving, and cleaning, that is, ha! What I mean is that … [Read more...]

$200 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway

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Aging Naturally & Gracefully Plus a #ManukaHealth Giveaway

Aging naturally doesn't mean giving up on looking younger for as long as possible. Look, I'm all about aging naturally. You will never see me getting injections or face lifts or any other the other double hand full of things that people seem to try to hold on to youth. For one thing, I'm not made of money. For another thing, they don't work! I don't want to disparage any celebrity or person who is trying to hold on to youth. I get it. I may … [Read more...]

Home Safety – Take it to the Next Level with a First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor Giveaway

Home safety is extremely important to me. I have three kids and both of my elderly in-laws live with us . Between those two groups, we have both sides of the age-related at risk spectrum in our home. Because of that, we do everything we can to make home safety as thorough as possible in our home. Home Safety Means Everything And I do mean everything. Home safety is all about keeping your family safe, happy, and healthy, and family is what it's … [Read more...]

Five ways to celebrate grandparents

I was never close to my grandparents. Both of my grandfathers passed when I was very young and I never felt any real connection to either of my grandmothers, so when I look at the relationship my kids have with my inlaws I am in awe! You see, since my inlaws live with us, they have a very special bond with my children, so much so that my kids and I love to take time to celebrate grandparents.  Here are five ways to celebrate grandparents … [Read more...]

Six ways to make musical memories with your kids

It’s hard to ignore the fact that this is a house of music lovers. There’s always music on in at least one room of the house. If you can’t immediately hear Rotten to the Core coming from upstairs or the latest Taylor Swift song coming from the kitchen then you’ll notice the kids jamming out with headphones on. Music is a major part of our lives and there’s no denying that. Here are five ideas to make musical memories with your kids. 1. Turn … [Read more...]

It is never too early to start thinking about Summer camp #CreateTheNext

It's never too soon to start thinking about next summer. Even though the kids just started school, next summer will be here before you know it and NOW is the time that you can save BIG on Summer Camp! You see, now is the time to take advantage of the pre-season sale for Summer Camp at Digital Media Academy, in fact, right now you will find the lowest prices of the year on everything from summer camp to online courses to housing. Lock in … [Read more...]

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