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Whiskey recipes
Unique Mother's Day Gift Jord Wooden Watches
Plants not plastic Repurpose

Pollo Tropical Family Meal Options & Prize Package Giveaway

Family meal time giveaway

I admit that we have an assortment of dinner options here in San Antonio and we love going out for dinner. Lately I have felt in a rut of going to the same places until now. You see, Pollo Tropical just opened here and we love this new addition.  Florida’s and now Texas’ beloved fast-casual concept known for its citrus-marinated, flame-grilled chicken and array of authentic sauces and sides, is now available for daily dining and the coolest thing … [Read more...]

How to easily find quality in-home senior care

in home senior care dad

Disclosure - This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and HomeHero. All opinions are my own. When I was a child, I remember looking at my Daddy and just knowing in my heart that he could do anything he wanted to do. He was strong and self-confident, and was totally my Hero. When I became a grownup, I noticed that he was no longer so strong. His health was not great and though he needed help, he wouldn't admit it. It was so … [Read more...]

3 Fun Mixed Drink Recipes YOU Will Want to Try

Whiskey recipes

I have always been infatuated with those people in movies who can just take a glass, fill it with whiskey or bourbon and just swig it. Now, I am not saying that I haven't tried it, because in all honesty, I have... but I just can't do it out of the blue. Ha! That being said, I have heard that whiskey sales on the rise, with more people discovering that there are plenty of ways to drink the distilled spirit than just straight on the rocks. So, … [Read more...]

Wooden Watches – bringing style to Spring #JordWatch

Unique Mother's Day Gift Jord Wooden Watches

Can you believe Mother's Day is coming up? Have you started 'dreaming' of your perfect gift or started shopping for the women in your life? Well, I have a perfect, unique Mother's Day gift idea for you. What do I have in mind? Well, nothing other than one of the gorgeous Jord Wooden Watches. JORD Wooden Watches Have you seen these beautiful wooden watches? Oh my goodness, they are just gorgeous. When I was given the chance to choose one … [Read more...]

Go GREEN with Plants not Plastic tableware

Plants not plastic Repurpose

As you know, we are a huge family BBQ-lover. Almost every weekend you can find us lighting up the grill and gathering to talk, laugh, and play games as a family. That being said, we were super-excited to switch out our plastic-ware for plant-ware. What? Yes, you heard me; no more using plastic or paper products, instead we use the Repurpose line of innovative, green, single-serve tableware made exclusively from plants. We now believe in Plants … [Read more...]

The Flavors of Provence, now found at la Madeleine Country French Café

Flavors of Provence menu

I grew up with a European step-mother in a kind of European household. We traveled to Europe often and I loved everything about it. There was just something about walking the streets of Paris, stopping in a little cafe for a fresh baguette and handmade pastries, that made life so amazing. I admit that I was totally spoiled with all things French and miss it so very much. That is why I like to take time to stop in at our neighborhood la Madeleine … [Read more...]

Hot or iced Community Coffee keeps me going… & a **Giveaway**

Community Coffee giveaway

So, my little brother moved in with us a couple of weeks ago and it has been great. He is twenty-five and has been a great help around the house. The day he moved in, I walked him around the house to show him where everything was and his first question when entering the kitchen was, "so, Sis, where's the coffee?" Ha! Yes, being a coffee-lover is something that he and I have in common, so I was quick to show him my Keurig, along with my stash of … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day Gift Idea & a **Giveaway**

Mother's Day Gift Giveaway

Can you believe that Mother's Day is coming up? Sometimes I feel like we just took down the Christmas Tree, HA! That being said, I have a great Mother's Day gift idea for you. A Sterling Silver 2 Photo Heart Locket from If you read my blog then you remember my love for I ordered myself a photo necklace a while back and every time I wear it, I get TONS of comments on it. For those who don't remember, … [Read more...]

The Posh Play Snack Sack makes snack time stylish…

Posh Play Snap Sack

We love Spring and it is definitely in the air. Spring brings on new life and allows us to go outside and enjoy the moments with each other. Just the other day, it was in the upper 70's so we headed out to have a picnic snack time. We packed our Snack Sack from Posh Play and headed out. I love our Snack Sack because it is a snack carry-all with a velcro closure to store treats of all shapes and sizes in a fashionable choice of chic solid … [Read more...]