With Valentine’s right around the corner I am sure you are busy making your wish list and/or getting ready for a nice Valentine’s Night Out! Since we rarely have date nights, we tend to make the ones we have very special. Now, I am not saying we go all out with dresses and suits, we stay casual; but we try to look nice. It is when I try to get some special accessories to add to my day-to-day wear. One of my favorite places to shop is at INPINK.

INPINK is an online shop that offers beautiful jewelry at truly affordable prices. No matter your fashion-sense, INPINK has a huge assortment of choices. Whether you like bold and chunky jewelry or delicate pendants, you are sure to find just what you need.

This Valentine’s Hubby and I are planning an actual weekend out-of-town; crazy, right? So I wanted some pieces I could use that would be perfect dressed up or down. After finding numerous items that I just loved, I decided on the ‘All you need is love’ Necklace Set and the Ivory Love and Chain Double Wrap Bracelet.

The ’All you need is love’ Necklace Set is just beautiful… The necklace with matching dangles goes perfect dressed up or down.

All I need is Love

The necklace is very light-weight and very sexy! The earrings dangle softly from the ears and are very comfortable to wear.

Love my February StyleThe Ivory Love and Chain Double Wrap Bracelet is just awesome. The ivory strap features a gold-tone chain and letters spelling the word ‘love!’ It is so much fun to wear and I have received numerous compliments on it. It is airy to wear and adjustable.

February Style

Again, I love that I can wear all the pieces alone or together and they look amazing.

Nothing But LoveI love that I will only need to bring three pieces of jewelry and I will look amazing.


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